Soak up the latest innovation insights from our expert team and our leading industry partners. We aim to give you an unfair advantage with our science-backed formula. Our Insights are designed to ignite that advantage, one bite at a time.


We use data science tools to analyse what customers are searching for, this provides up to date Quantitive market insight into the wants and needs of users – these users are your customers or prospective customers. 


Some of which are poised to either enter the mainstream or – if already there – to continue to gain acceptance.  All relate to the overall digital transformation of industry, infrastructure, and today’s increasingly smart cities and municipalities.   


In 2002 the Oakland A’s Baseball General Manager, Billy Beane, had a very limited budget to recruit the best players he could. With innovative thinking and the use of data, Billy set about analysing the performance of hundreds of players.


The future is uncertain – what an exciting concept for the innovative mind. It is more important than ever for brands to innovate creatively to keep up with evolving technologies and consumer behaviour.


Any CEO or Managing Director worthy of their title is continually looking for ways to grow their business. But how many seriously look at and understand that innovation must be at the forefront of any growth strategy?


Advanced manufacturing technologies are playing a vital role in the growth of the world economy. They include innovations that will improve the productivity and sustainability of entire production processes.


“I threw away 20 years of business material. I recognized it as irrelevant in a post-Covid world. Two things happened to make me take this action.”


Your market entry strategy is wrong. Time and time again, we receive enquiries from people who have great innovative products, but just cannot get adoption


What makes a great innovation advisor? ISO 20700 the Guideline for management consultancy services has been recently released


AgTech 2022 The world’s population is on track to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, and this will require a 70% increase in calories to feed