Statistically, more than 80% of innovations fail – do not become a statistic; control your ability to win.
Our Market Intelligence Services increase your statistical odds of success, according to the science we apply in our work.

Advivo ICP is best known for its rapid collation of Market Intelligence through cutting edge Data Science tools, and its application of Disruption Strategy to develop Market Entry Strategies that increase your product launch’s probability of success.


Market Galaxy is presented as a 3D networked ecosystem (HTML), accompanied with list of organisations by market segment and relevancy scores (Excel). Market Galaxy is provided in partnership with Attractor Network, a licensee of USA based and world leading data science team, Growth Science.
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This quantification of bases of competition takes the guess-work out of your market entry strategy. Through our partnership with Linda Ginger’s Attractor Network, we run workshops to prove what your customers want, need and value, then present this in a statistical ranking.
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This initial workshop is our opportunity to get to know your business intimately. During the session, we work with you to develop hypotheses and assumptions for validation points to define your Market Entry strategy.
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Using their expert understanding of Disruption Theory, the Advivo ICP strategists develop a documented market entry strategy that details your roadmap to commercialisation. By analysing learnings from your Market Galaxy, the Advivo ICP team develop a hypothesis supported by assumptions, which become critical validation points during execution. 
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There are two process of innovation the business case (1) Discover and Testing - this is where using data analytics, we examine the market and its most influential drivers, and using a science based methodology uncover the highest potential whitespace opportunities not being serviced by your competitors (2) Business Modelling and Commercial Viability - the selection of the business model that provides conditions for success and aligns with your corporate vision and objectives.
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There are three operation ofproject management (1) Project Design and Build - depending on your project this stage can require the engagement of a variety of Advivo ICP’s trusted subject matter experts. While pre-commercialisation can take many paths depending on the project design, there are four key vectors that often progress in parallel: product design and testing, market research, distribution design and intellectual property. Advivo ICP views this as day one of your actual commercialisation phase.
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We also offer the following services:
  • Qualitative Market Research
  • Early Adopter Programs
  • Disruption Strategy
  • Commercialisation Coaching 

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